If you buy from Store88, you truly have made a conscious choice.

Store88 is here to truly differentiate between two heavily used words in the merchandise world – Trend and Fashion.

Trend is what is current, which is disposable and keeps changing every season. The garments made for trend are often low on quality and labor, made with fabrics that are harsh on our skin and make up almost 60% of the landfill in today’s time.

Fashion is what defines you, echoes with your sense of being, allows you to express yourself and doesn’t demand obsoletion every season. Fashion is timeless.

Being on trend doesn’t have to be being out of fashion or vice- versa. Reusing garments and styling them differently every time it is worn is the real meaning of being fashionable. It also makes the world more livable.

The real essence of sustainability lies in minimizing hoarding and discarding.

We at Store88 take practical measures to support the environment, local craftsmen and our immediate surrounding without compromising on quality or design.

The cycle of supply through which the final product reaches you decides how environment friendly it is and Store88 is here to check all the boxes.

We have warehouses in US UK Spain Australia Japan and Latvia with artisans in viable work environment.

We are an on-demand manufacturing company customizing and fabricating the product once the order is placed, diminishing the inventory deadstock which end up in the landfills.

We use smart dispatch mechanism of products that ships the product from the nearest port which results in decreasing the carbon-footprint involved in facilitating delivery from far off places.

We use organic cotton which is gentle both on your body and environment.

Another product that we use is recycled polyester. We believe in closing the loop. Sustainable doesn’t only mean using organic products, it also means reusing the materials that otherwise stay in the junkyard after being discarded taking up to 200 years to break-down.

The pigment of the inks we use are sourced from local dyes and our methods of printing reduces overall manufacturing waste.

We strictly use packaging like recycled polythene and or corrugated boxes to pack the products to be shipped reducing the pressure on manufacturing package materials.

While doing so we bring to you guilt free and fashionable merchandise.